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Our company is not the official representative of Ferrari! Apply for a Ferrari or a Maserati GT S trial drive!

Challenge driving procedure

How does test-driving take place? We start our test-drivings at the main entrace of Aqaworld Resort Budapest Hotel (IV. Íves út 16). Here you can get acquainted with the car before leaving, our instructor colleauge explains everything you have to know, so that driving can be an unforgettable experience. Before leaving we prepare - in case you order it - our memory package, which will be waiting for our smiling pilot guests, who are returning. Starting from the main entrance going on two roundabouts, turning right on good quality road and also on industry road our guests can experience the real qualities of the car with the help of our instructor. So after some hundred metres we reach the first 2x2 lanes road , which really makes possible to experience the unforgettable acceleration and slowing down. Then we drive to the speed-road M0 at the sign of end of Budapest Váci út, on which after covering the distance that corresponds with standard, premium and exclusive laps at Káposztásmegyer exit in a bend through the junction and an undercrossing (gratis accustic experience) we return to the main entrance of the hotel. We are expecting your registration on this application form of test-driving! Trial drives of Ferrari are held in Budapest or in bigger towns and at County headquarters (Kecskemet, Debrecen, Szeged and Bekescsaba) at an advertised time. You can try Ferrari or a Maserati GT S as a driver or a passenger! - At the times and venues planned in advance
- Instructions on driving techniques on 6 – 8 km long roads

VAT is 27%

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